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The present website, constitutes property of business partnership entitled SEATICKETS HOLIDAYS PC , Athens, Prefecture Attica, Gklysti street, number 10, P.C. 11744, which functions legally as Office of General Tourism, holder of valid legally licensed no , 0206E60000563201 of Greek Organization of Tourism (E.O.T), VAT 800725191 of IZ ATHENS TAX OFFICE henceforth called as “company”.

The “company”, created the website www.seatickets.gr and offers her services under the below terms of use, which the visitor or user of website, is initially called to read carefully and followingly to proceed in visit/use of pages/services of www.seatickets.gr, only provided that he accepts them completely, in as far as the last ones, are legally binding for him. The use of present website, has as consequence the unconditional acceptance of the above-mentioned terms. The “company”, allows the use of present site, exclusively and only for personal, not commercial aims, prohibiting at the same time its use for any other aim. It is prohibited every use of this website for misleading or speculative purposes or everything that could cause a malfunction in the provision of services. The content of this website belongs exclusively to the "company" and copying is prohibited.


The use of the website and the services offered by seatickets.gr, are covered by the following General Terms of Transactions (GTS), which apply to all booking orders given by the user, either through seatickets.gr, or by telephone or directly at the offices of the 'company'. With the purchase or the reservation of boat ticket from the website www.seatickets.gr, each user accepts the general terms of transactions. Moreover, the user, should be consulted relatively each time on the general terms of transactions of various shipping companies listed in detail on this website (see General Conditions of Carriage).

Seatickets.gr, acts as a mediator for the issue of ferry tickets, which are available by the shipping companies that are found on the website. The services that are provided by seatickets.gr, are consisted exclusively by the mediation between users and the providers of ferry tickets (shipping companies), by using booking software of the company Forthcrs (www.forth-crs.gr/seatickets).


For the use of particular website, the visitor or user guarantees that he is adult, more than eighteen years old.


Seatickets.gr mediates and promotes users to the website www.forth-crs.gr/seatickets where operates the search engine. By filling the relevant fields, the user gives direct order to issue or book a ferry ticket, which is offered by each successive shipping company. The user is responsible for compliance with the conditions, regulations and rules imposed by the relevant port authorities and shipping companies. In the event of which the visitor/user, forces the terms of equitable use of website or will act maliciously, the “company” maintains the right to reject or even cancel orders that concern his reservation. Simultaneously, any illegal movement as for the use of website www.seatickets.gr, involves the exclusion of user from the access in the provided services.

As for the changes in the prices, in the taxes or in the cost of cancellation fee, that are decided and announced by the shipping companies, the “company” does not bring any responsibility. The payment of seatickets.gr, for the mediation services that are provided, is included to the total price of the ticket. In case of purchasing tickets by seatickets.gr, the user, at the reception of the confirmation e-mail, is obliged to check the correctness of elements and followingly, provided that he notes errors or omissions, he has to inform with his electronic message the website seatickets.gr within twenty four hours.

Corrections that concern erroneous introduction of elements and data from the user, burden he himself. Followingly, the overdue report of omissions, erroneous elements and divergences, in no occasion do give right of retraction from the contract. Also, as for the changes, cancellations, postponings, delays and changes of ferry companies, the “company” does not bring absolutely no responsibility, in as far as in no case these are not in her culpability.


With regard to the booking and the purchase of boat ticket, via seatickets.gr, this is possible to be fulfilled only with the use of credit card, with which is paid off the value of purchased products. For the cases of telephone reservation, it is provided moreover the possibility of paying off in the company’s offices. Before the complete payment of the purchased products, the “company” is not obliged to transfer the tickets to the user. The “company”, is likely, before the issue of ticket, to ask from the user to bring additional probative elements relative with address of residence or proof of deposit from his banking account.

All payments made using the card are processed through the electronic payment platform of "Alpha e-Commerce" of Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.1 encryption protocol encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.


The boat tickets, interior or abroad, that are ordered, bought, kept and paid off via the website www.seatickets.gr, either are dispatched to the customer postally with courier, or are received directly from the booking office of the shipping companies, provided that the latter last count on the electronic ticket. Moreover, those customers that wish it, may receive the tickets from the offices of “company”.

The “company” has no responsibility with regard to the travelling documents (passports, visa) that the customers are obliged to bring and demonstrate. The guarantee of relative documents, burdens exclusively, only the customers.


Changing or canceling of a ferry ticket, as well as any cost, depends on the terms set by every shipping company, which owns the ticket.


In the website of www.seatickets.gr, all kinds of advertisements are included. The “company”, does not have any responsibility for the communication of the user, with the third party service providers suppliers who are advertized in seatickets.gr via registrations, as well as for whatever commercial transaction that may result from each other relation.

Besides, the already existing as well as any new services that are included in www.seatickets.gr, continue being in the above terms of use, except the cases of explicit report for the opposite.


The “company”, has no responsibility with regard to the content, policy of personal data protection and quality of services of other sites that they refer, via website links, hyperlinks or advertising banners to seatickets.gr, the content and the services of which not at all accepts and in no way it is connected.


The “company”, has no responsibility for the not availability of each service or for products, errors, violations and omissions of her suppliers. Moreover, the “company” is not accountable for the injury, the death, the destruction of fortune or other occasional damage that is likely to be caused by the shipping companies during the provision of their services. The “company” is not at all accountable for incidents of delays, cancellations, strikes, overbooking and force majeure, in as far as these do not take place under her direct control in no one these cases.

the “company”, is completely not accountable for the content, the quality and the correctness of information that provide and make known her suppliers with regard to the services that the latter offer.


Seatickets.gr, is entitled to modify unilaterally, at any time and without notice, partially or totally these General Terms of Transactions. These modifications will be incorporated into the present text and will be valid for the future. The exposed terms and conditions of equitable use of website www.seatickets.gr, as well as further modifications, are analytically conditioned and above supplemented by the provisions of Greek Law, Community Law and bilateral and multilateral international conventions. Moreover, the validity of provisions and terms that pay potentially be rendered opposite to the law, ceases ipso jure and these are erased from the present text, without impairing the validity and the consequences of remaining terms.

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  • LANE Lines
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